‘WE’ by multi award winning Jaume Plensa unveiled at The Shard

29 September 2021: Owners of The Shard, QCB and Sellar, have unveiled WE, the first sculptural installation in London by world-renowned Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa that is accessible to the public.

WE comprises two parts facing each other, as if in dialogue, with one installed in The Shard’s piazza and the other suspended above the escalator outside the building by London Bridge station.

The Shard’s owners commissioned the piece, with curatorial support from FutureCity and a specially formed public art advisory committee, for those visiting, living and working the area to experience. It connects the two areas of public realm within Shard Quarter.

The sculptural installation references the idea of a mirror – a recurrent theme in Jaume Plensa’s work. In a first for the artist, one figure has been anchored to the ground, reflecting its status as being rooted to the history and context of the London Bridge area, while the other is suspended in the air, in an evocation of spirituality and the notion of rising above daily challenges.

Alongside the mirroring theme, the piece also represents diversity – something for which London is famous – with sculpted letters and characters from seven different alphabets featured within the sculpture. These individual letters and characters are positioned in a random patterning, representing the universality of being human and cells of the body. The text and hollow structures invite the viewer to look inside, providing framed views of the surrounding environment and others within it.

The sculptural installation is the first created by Plensa in London that people can see and interact with in a public space. It is located in the home city of one of his artistic inspirations, William Blake. For this work, a quote from Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell perfectly encapsulates Plensa’s inspiration for the artwork: “one thought fills immensity”. This is a sentiment reflected in WE, as it fills the large public space with energy.

A significant part of Plensa’s work is in the field of sculpture in public places, with installations in several cities in Spain, France, Japan, England, Korea, Germany, Canada and USA. The Crown Fountain, which was unveiled in Chicago’s Millennium Park in 2004, is one of Plensa’s largest projects. The work led to many commissions, adding to the list of works by Jaume Plensa in public places right up to the most recent, including Julia (2018) in Madrid, Voices (2018) in New York, and Dreaming (2017) in Toronto.

The dialogue between The Shard and London Bridge station is a wonderful metaphor about the fusion of avant-garde and tradition. The perfect place to celebrate the diversity of the world - the true soul of London.JAUME PLENSA

James Sellar, Chief Executive of Sellar, developer and co-owner of The Shard, said“Jaume Plensa’s sculpture at the Shard is a fitting subject for his first public installation in London. By putting multiple alphabets together on a single human form, it celebrates the linguistic diversity of the human family. After a year in which people were separated from each other, the idea of exploring human connection through art is something we are keen to celebrate, especially if it becomes a new meeting point for visitors to the Shard and London Bridge, playing a part re-connecting people in our city.”

Eliza Bonham Carter, Curator & Head of Royal Academy Schools and a member of the Public Art Advisory Committee, said: “Internationalism, communication, and beauty are all put to work in WE, which celebrates the best that humanity can be in all its diversity. The work offers a moment of pause, play, reflection and wonder to all that encounter it.”

Mark Davy, Founder of Futurecity, said: “As The Shard serves as an international symbol of London, it deserves public art that reflects the international diversity of language and culture that makes us human. Jaume Plensa’s winning proposal of WE focuses on dialogue straddling the sides of Shard Quarter. It demonstrates the possibility of communication across divisions; a universal situation in which any and every person can identify. It gives permission to seize moments of contemplation and engage with their own sense of self in relation to others around them.”

Jean Frémon, CEO of Galerie Lelong & Co., said: “The city of London has historically played an important part in the development of public sculpture, and so it is natural that Jaume Plensa should be a part of this history, considering his crucial contribution to this field.  We are grateful to REM and Futurecity for making this happen.  At the very heart of the city, WE invites everyone to a moment of silent reflection.”

Michael Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate Management (REM) Ltd. asset managers for Shard Quarter, said: “The unveiling of WE marks an exciting new chapter for Shard Quarter, one that befits its status as a beacon for modern London. To be able to welcome such a globally celebrated artist as Jaume Plensa shows the draw of London Bridge – a district that has flourished in the last decade since The Shard opened its doors – while celebrating the very thing that drives the vibrancy of the area – people.

Jaume Plensa’s sculpture at the Shard is a fitting subject for his first public installation in London. By putting multiple alphabets together on a single human form, it celebrates the linguistic diversity of the human family.”JAMES SELLAR, CEO
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