150,000 sq ft






Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Project Overview

This project is very close to our hearts. Sellar’s head office is based right here on Bermondsey Street, in one of the buildings that will form a part of this development. That means that every day, we take in the sights and sounds of the area. We know what gives it character. And we know what makes it unique.

The Bermondsey scheme is a mixed-use complex that accommodates independent retailers and a range of creative industry businesses. In collaboration with Renzo Piano, we’ve submitted plans for a space that pays homage to the dynamism of our home borough. We want to create a highly sustainable environment for media and tech startups to thrive, with high-quality materials, landscaping and floods of natural light.

But we’re not just interested in attracting creative professionals and retailers, we want to ease the transition between the intimate scale of Bermondsey Street and the city-wide scale of London Bridge, enhancing the local area for residents and visitors. That also means building new routes and lanes for pedestrians to explore and enjoy.

The scheme spans three sites. Together, they’ll deliver 10,000 square feet of curated retail space and 140,000 square feet of flexible and contemporary office space, designed to exemplary standards of environmental performance in accordance with the principles of workplace well-being.

With this project, we’re designing the Bermondsey we want to live in. It’s not about transforming the area, but enhancing what’s already there.