Planning submitted for London’s healthiest new business eco-system

Sellar, Art-Invest and renowned international architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have submitted plans for three office-led buildings at Canada Water Dockside providing workspaces, shops, restaurants, educational institutes, a leisure centre and a health centre.

The vision for Canada Water Dockside is to connect local communities, visitors and workers through a masterplan which places wellbeing at the forefront of design. The proposals will deliver a vibrant and sustainable town centre that will in turn bring significant investment and economic growth to Canada Water.

The masterplan will be commercially led with a range of complementary town centre uses which integrate with the wider Canada Water Masterplan. Its evolution has been carefully considered to meet the needs of both the established and future communities at Canada Water. This has meant rethinking the traditional high street and its reliance on basic retail. Instead, the proposals will unite a collection of contemporary amenities with state-of-the-art workspaces to create a new business eco-system.

Through the Boulevard, Dock Edge Square, Linear Parks, Maritime Street, a grand food market, retail, leisure and community uses, Canada Water Dockside will deliver a vibrant new town centre that is bustling, safe, and enjoyable day and night, all year round.

Working in partnership with Southwark and local stakeholders the masterplan will create an environment for local businesses to establish and thrive, as well as attract global brands and industries to the reimagined office space above ground level, to make Canada Water Dockside a renowned business destination.

We are delighted to have submitted these plans for Canada Water Dockside, following what has been a monumental effort from the local community, the London Borough of Southwark, and the project team to reach this stage.ALI ABBAS, ART-INVEST UK
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